What is Flask-Ask?
With the Amazon Echo, you ask "Alexa" to play songs, get the weather, and report scores. Those "skills", as they're called, have an open API for building conversational apps. Flask-Ask is an Alexa Skills Kit for Python that makes programming the Amazon Echo super easy.

Alexa Skills Kit / Slot Conversions with John Wheeler

Slot Conversions Details
  • 5m 40s
  • Appropriate for all
  • 06-21-2016
  • Updated 06-21-2016

Key Concepts: Using Built-ins, Custom Callables, Error Handling

When Flask-Ask maps intent slots to function parameters, it passes them as strings by default. This video shows how to use Flask-Ask's convert parameter to convert Alexa Skills Kit datatypes into Python's. First, we'll use Python's built-in int function, and then we'll build our own callable that shows how to handle slot conversion errors.

About the author

John Wheeler is the creator of Flask-Ask He's been developing for two decades in Java, JavaScript, Python, C# and Ruby. He lives in San Diego with his wife, daughter, and twin boys. Follow him on Twitter.

Subject: Alexa Skills Kit
Author: John Wheeler
    "intents": [{
        "intent": "AddIntent",
        "slots": [{
            "name": "first",
            "type": "AMAZON.NUMBER"
        }, {
            "name": "second",
            "type": "AMAZON.NUMBER"
    }, {
        "intent": "LikesCarrotsIntent",
        "slots": [{
            "name": "preference",
            "type": "LIST_OF_PREFERENCES"

AddIntent add {first} plus {second}
LikesCarrotsIntent I {preference} like carrots

import logging
from datetime import date

from flask import Flask
from flask_ask import Ask, statement, question

app = Flask(__name__)
ask = Ask(app, "/")

log = logging.getLogger()

@ask.intent("AddIntent", convert={'first': int, 'second': int})
def add(first, second):
    thesum = first + second
    return statement("{} plus {} is {}".format(first, second, thesum))

def preference2bool(preference):
    if preference == 'do':
        return True
    elif preference == 'do not':
        return False
        raise ValueError("must be 'do' or 'do not'")

@ask.intent("LikesCarrotsIntent", convert={'preference': preference2bool})
def likes_carrots(preference):
    if preference:
        msg = "You say you like carrots"
        msg = "Carrots are not your favorite"
    return statement(msg)
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Slot Conversions
Using Built-ins, Custom Callables, Error Handling

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Conversion Helpers
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4m 27s

With more on the way!